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+Extract is freeware that rips FTA recordings from a Sky+ hard disk. It is written by Neil Balloch, who has kindly allowed Copy+ to make his software available and to provide forum space for further discussion.

NB: To use +Extract the hard disk must be removed from the Sky+/Sky HD box and connected to your PC using a direct connection or a USB adapter.

A screenshot of +Extract in use

+Extract or +Extract Plus?

You can choose either the free +Extract or the more feature laden +Extract Plus, which requires you to pay for a licence (details on how to do this are provided upon installing the application). +Extract Plus includes, amongst other things, Copy+ image support and is fully compatible with Windows 7 (x86 and x64).

If you wish development of the free version of +Extract to continue then please send a donation to Neil via the button above, or the one provided from within the software.

Instructions on Use

+Extract is compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Download the software from below and unzip the resultant file - this should leave you with a folder containing a single .exe file. Run this.

Further instructions can be found in the forum.

Licensing & Terms and Conditions of Use

By downloading this software you agree to the following licensing and terms & conditions of use:

  1. The use of this application on your system is given without warranty. The author is not responsible for data loss or damage caused as the result of using this application. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  2. That this software is for your own personal 'not-for-profit' use, and may not be used in pursuit of commercial gain. In particular 'for profit use' also INCLUDES, but is not limited to, the use of this software to provide 'value-added' services to customers even when no direct charge is made for that part of the service. If you wish to use +Extract in a commercial environment please contact the author for details.
If you do NOT agree, please do not download the software.

Software [release history]

If you purchased a copy of +Extract Plus before version, you will need to request a new (free) licence key.

Click here to download +Extract Plus  Download +Extract Plus version (Downloaded 47876 times since 31/12/2011)
 MD5 hash: 6a442d477e08503a6d07b0b9b1834063
 SHA-1 hash: 06ecdb56ef76b3bdf04b39facc96108b227a2b71

Click here to download +Extract  Download +Extract version (Downloaded 63857 times since 14/07/2009)
 MD5 hash: 4a3c6dc9d1b0c1971522a3a3389cc757
 SHA-1 hash: 574787bc8666f10509a9921579307e6402c5fe2f

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