Thanks for a nice bit of work

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Thanks for a nice bit of work

Postby PaulMurray » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:06 pm

Thanks for putting together such a very useful bit of software.

Last week I upgraded our Thomson Sky+ HD box with a new Samsung 750 GByte hard disk.
This is a very early Sky+ HD box - we got it in June 2006 - and the old HDD was becoming increasingly flaky.
The box would frequently lock up and many recordings would simply fail.
I used copy+ to try to transfer the (many) recordings on the old disk across to the new disk.
When copy+ did its initial scan of the old disk it reported a number of bad blocks on the disk and while
copying some of the programs it got "stuck" for extended periods of time, presumably because there
was some problem with the recording it was trying to copy.

Based on this experience - and given that replacing a failing HDD is probably a growing reason for
using the program - one really useful feature would be if copy+ could automagically work out which
programs contain bad data (eg bad blocks or CRC failures) and offer to omit copying
of programs that won't be viewable anyway.

In the case of my old HDD, I eventually used the "omit" feature of copy+ to simply not bother copying
programs that were recorded more than about a month ago since the bad data seemed to be mostly
in those older programs.

Overall my experience was very positive and it's saved us a fortune since a £50 new hard disk is a lot
cheaper than a brand new Sky+ HD box. Also I got kudos for proving not to be a completely hopeless
with a screwdriver!

Well done, and keep up the good work.
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Re: Thanks for a nice bit of work

Postby pcbbc » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:23 pm

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about the problems with the disk errors. Copy+ tries to recover these programs as best it can, but sometimes this can take some time which it works through the bad sectors. But I will try and look into the possibility of being able to dynamically omit recordings that run into trouble.
Regards, Stuart.
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