THANK YOU and feedback

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THANK YOU and feedback

Postby LJay » Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:56 pm


Just wanted to say thank you! It's not just the software, which worked a treat, but the clear instructions which were great.

I have a Sky+ Pace (Model 6.2.10) which is about 5 years old and that had a Maxtor 40GB (VAM51JJO) which was failing. Recordings freezing and stuttering on playback. Sky were useless and only willing to replace with same size drive and not copy over programmes.

So used information on your site and bought a Seagate DB35 Series 7200.3 ST3160215ACE. Used Copy+ to transfer over the programmes on good sectors across. The only thing I hadn't picked up on via the instructions was that you only get one chance to copy programmes. So selection is the key. If the copy fails due to bad sectors on original disk, you've
got to go back, reselect progrmmes, omitting the bad one(s) and then try again until you get a single successful backup.

However, all great. Have successfully installed and view copied programmes. Will keep eye on heat and let you know if the larger, faster drive causes a problem.

Thanks again. Donation on it's way. :D
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Re: THANK YOU and feedback

Postby pcbbc » Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:28 pm

Thanks very much for your feedback and donation!
Best of luck with your upgraded drive!
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