Stupid Me - Full System Reset

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Stupid Me - Full System Reset

Postby martinbickley » Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:06 am

Long story short I have accidently done a Full System Reset on my Sky+ box :(

Tried to plug my HDD into both Copy+ and +Extract but both show no contents on the drive.

I've managed to run the drive through EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard which has recovered a number of files to my c: drive but none of them are in any sort of usuable format.

The restored files are stored in the following directories:

upto DIR116

The Raw Files Directory contains numerous large files 1GB + which have been restored with an SWF extension.

I have tried to play the files in every player I can think of but they do not work.

Can anyone help or am I out of luck.

Thanks in advance

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