FAQs: Installation / Uninstalling FAQ

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FAQs: Installation / Uninstalling FAQ

Postby Admin » Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:36 pm

How do I install Copy+?

It couldn't be easier - Download the executable form the Copy+ web site and run it. The Install Wizard will guide you through the install process.

I installed Copy+, but when I launched it nothing happened. What's wrong?

Probably you don't have the correct Visual C run-times installed on your system, or the MS Flex Grid ActiveX component has not been registered successfully - which is strange because it's included in the installer. Try uninstalling, rebooting and re-installing.

If that still doesn't work, contact us for details. Please try to give as many details as possible as to what happened and what error messages you got.

The Help for Copy+ isn't working. What's wrong?

The Microsoft help file format requires Internet Explorer. You do have IE installed, don't you?

(Note: You don't have to have IE selected as your main browser, just installed.)

How do I uninstall Copy+?

There is an uninstall shortcut on the start menu under programs, and Copy+. This should completely remove the Copy+ software from your system.

Alternatively choose "Add Remove Programs", and then "Copy+" from Control Panel.
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