FAQs: Copy+ and Sky Anytime

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FAQs: Copy+ and Sky Anytime

Postby pcbbc » Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:10 am

What size disk do I need to select in Copy+ if I have Anytime?

Just select the full capacity of your disk. Do not worry about "reserving" space.
The Sky box automatically works out how much space to reserve for Anytime, and then automatically deducts this from the total space available for user recordings.

The space reserved for Anytime is always:
* 80GB on Sky+ PVR3 boxes
* 140GB on Sky+HD PVR3 boxes
* 250GB on Amstrad/Samsung 500GB Sky+HD PVR4 boxes
* 500GB on Amstrad 1.5TB Sky+HD PVR5 boxes

Do I need to deduct the 80GB / 140GB / 250GB / 500GB for Anytime from my disk?

No - Doing so will just further reduce the total capacity of your disk!
This is true even if you are moving from a box without Anytime to a box with Anytime or vice versa.

Please select the full capacity of your disk, which is also the default value chosen by Copy+.

Can I somehow reclaim / reformat / partition the disk so as to get back the space used by Anytime?

No - The space reserved is a quota imposed by the software in the box, not by any special formatting or partitioning of the drive by Copy+ or the Sky software.
Therefore it is not possible to reclaim the space.

The software does not physically allocate a specific area of the disk for Anytime vs User recordings. Instead it dynamically totals up the space used by each recording type, and does not let either type exceed its allocated limit. The limits are controlled by the software, not anything stored on the drive itself. Therefore it is impossible for Copy+ to influence how the space is allocated.

What happens if I transfer over more user recordings than the space allocated?

Good question! - This can happen if you transfer a full 250GB drive from a PVR2 box to a PVR3 box. As a result there will not be enough space for the Sky box to allocate the required 80GB for Anytime recordings.

In this case the Sky box shows the drive as 100% full. It will not be possible to make any new recordings until you delete enough recordings to free up at least 80GB of disk space. Similarly Anytime recordings made until you do this are likely to fail.

We recommend avoiding this scenario, or immediately deleting some shows on return to the Anytime box. Operation of the Sky box while it has insufficient space available for Anytime content may result in unpredictable results.
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