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FAQs: Technical / Software Development

Postby Admin » Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:41 pm

What can you tell me about the Sky+ / XTV disk format?

It's backwardly compatible with FAT32 with some custom extensions for storing very large video files. Sorry, but I can not publicly provide any more detailed information than that. Requests for such information will be ignored.

Please can you tell me more about this FAT32 stuff?

Download the official Microsoft documentation on the FAT format.

I'm trying to write some similar software. How do I access the hard drive directly from my code?

Good luck, but remember you will seriously mess up your PC if you write to the wrong drive.

HANDLE hHandle = CreateFile ("\\\\.\\PHYSICALDRIVEx", .........);

Replace 'x' with the drive number you wish to access. Now read and write to the handle just like you would do a standard file.

What did you use to write Copy+?

Copy+ is a MFC application coded in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.

Please can you send me the source code for Copy+?

When will Copy+ go open source?

Sorry, for the time being Copy+ is a closed source project.

Where can I get a copy of the snazzy Windows installer you used?

Copy+ is installed using NSIS - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.

Do you work for Sky / NDS?

No - I do not have any connection with either of these two companies. Copy+ is not endorsed or supported by either Sky or NDS.

I am a full time IT Specialist for a leading international optical software company.
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