Tips: Copying

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Tips: Copying

Postby Admin » Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:27 pm

If you are running any of the following on your PC system:

Virus Scanners or Anti-Spyware applications (Most should be safe to use on Sky+ drives, but we cannot guarantee it)

Automated disk defragmenters

Disk performance enhancers

We'd strongly recommend disabling them for the duration of the copy procedure. The last thing you want is for these utilities to start trying to change or fix things on your Sky+ disk.

One to pay particular attention to is Norton SystemWorks which has been known to destroy recordings on a Sky+ drive when running in "auto-protect all disks mode".

Copying with internal IDE drives is likely to be faster than with external USB caddies. It may help if you place the two drives on different IDE channels.

If you are using external caddies, try to ensure that they are USB 2.0 compatible (most will be), but also that they are connected to a USB 2.0 compatible port on your PC. If not the copy is likely to take a very long time indeed.

After a successful copy you will find a file Copy+.log (together with the date and time) in the Copy+ install directory. If you report problems with your copy I may ask you to send this to us for analysis.

Once you have copied your drive and returned it to your Sky+ box perform a Planner Rebuild from the installers menu to ensure correct operation.
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