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FAQs: General

Postby Admin » Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:50 pm

I'd like to use your software, but I don't want to open my PC! What can I do?

We'd suggest you do not have sufficient experience to successfully complete this procedure. Get someone to help you, or use an external USB caddy where you have a lot less chance of damaging your PC.

When will feature X / Y / Z that I requested be ready?

Copy+ is developed in Stuart McConnachies spare time, and so we are unable to give firm commitments as to whether a particular feature will be implemented. We do however value your feedback and ideas - we're just sorry I can't implement them all, or as quickly as you might like.

Help - I think your software blew up / damaged my Sky+ box / PC / Hard Drive!

Sorry, that is unfortunate. However we assure you that there is no way this could happen as a direct result of this software.

It is probably something else you did - perhaps inadvertently - or just a very unfortunate coincidental event. Hardware fails for all kinds of reasons, most of the time soon after it is powered on or off - That is one of the most stressful things you can do to any piece of electrical equipment. Just look at how light bulbs blow when you turn them on and you have a perfect analogy.

On the Copy+ Software and on the website I occasionally see a blue and pink symbol. It doesn't match anything else - what's that about?

Ah, yes. When Copy+ first came along it's developer, Stuart McConnachie, started to design a website for it. This pink and blue symbol was the original Copy+ logo. However, before anything was launched a friend of his, David Artiss, came along and created a brand new website, with less garish colours. However, the symbol was already in the Copy+ software so it was reused on the website. In an ironic sense, naturally.
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