FAQs: Using Copy+ / How do I ....?

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FAQs: Using Copy+ / How do I ....?

Postby Admin » Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:27 pm

Can I copy my recordings onto my PC / DVD / Portable Media Player?

No, sorry. You can not do this with Copy+.

However you should check out the excellent +Extract from n13ldo. Please note that this program is for FTA (Free To Air) recordings only.

Awwwwh, but it must be possible for subscription channels also?

The data recorded on the Sky+ disk is protected by broadcast strength NDS encryption for most channels, so extracting is useless without being able to decrypt. For the remainder FTA channels +Extract is the answer. We have no plans to implement a similar feature in Copy+ any time soon.

How long does it take to copy a Sky+ drive?

That is a difficult question to answer. It depends on lots of factors, such as how big the drive is you are copying from, how full it is and your PC hardware.

A full 40GB hard drive should take no more than a few hours with on a modern PC.

Can I merge my recordings or select which recordings I copy over?

No, this is not possible. The copy process is all or nothing.

Can I edit my recordings to remove padding / ads / other unwanted material?

No, sorry.

Can Copy+ fix errors on my drive?

Yes, sometimes - but only by performing a full copy of the drive to a new destination. Personally we consider this the safest option as we currently do not have much knowledge on the types of errors that can occur, or how to fix them. As we gain more knowledge we MAY consider introducing such a feature.

How do I defragment my Sky+ drive?

Defragmentation is not considered necessary. However if you are really sure you think you need to do this, use Copy+ to copy to a new drive, as this will achieve the same results.

When do you plan to implement a proper defragment option?

We don't. Stuart considers himself a competent programmer - but frankly the idea of writing such mission critical code scares him....

How can I unlock the 80GB of reserved space on my Sky+ PVR3 box?

Sorry, we do not know how to do this. The software reserves the space, but it does not create a separate partition for it - so it is not as "simple" as just repartitioning the drive.

I got an error message while running Copy+ saying there was a disk error. What should I do?

Usually you should attempt to retry. If the error was reading video data, then you can probably ignore the error if the disk is still unreadable after a few retries. This unlikely to result in anything more than a skips or dropouts on the copied recording.

Errors while copying files are more serious - I do not advise ignoring these, unless there is no other choice - Unpredictable results will occur.
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