Beware of 1TB WD Caviar Green 64MB WD10EARS

Which replacement drives can you use and which do people recommend?

Re: Beware of 1TB WD Caviar Green 64MB WD10EARS

Postby jm42 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:02 am

just thought i'd add to this too. I replaced the drive in our amstrad drx780 and read this post while i was fitting it. To say the least i was very worried, but now after about two weeks, everything has been fab! before we had stuttering when watching a recorded HD program and sometimes when even watching HD live!!And it would take a full 15 seconds to change the channel!
i had done a full system reset previously but made no difference.
I put the new drive in, let the sky box format it then remove it, and use copy+ to backup and restore to the full 1TB size.
I also turned off that anytime nonsense, and the difference is a million times better. it would seem that the box must have had issues right from when we got it (about a year and a half ago).
But i must say that with our box and that drive- no problems at all!!
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Re: Beware of 1TB WD Caviar Green 64MB WD10EARS

Postby Gabe62 » Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:52 pm

That's good news.

The EARS drives do have benefits - noise and power consumption, and they're cheap as chips.

But, I still reiterate... in a Thompson box you may have problems... I certainly did... so better off using a different one.
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Re: Beware of 1TB WD Caviar Green 64MB WD10EARS

Postby kendo » Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:22 pm

I put a Seagate 500GB in my DRX780 and the thing audibly clicks almost continuously. It records and plays back OK though.

The point of this post is that I was going to go for the 1TB WD10EARs mentioned above but the price has just gone through the roof, not just for this drive but all drives. For example a 1TB Seagate I bought and installed in my PC last month was £42, today it is £102 from the same supplier (Nova****).

Looks like the Japanese tsunami and the Thai floods have caused a shortage; so it's back to the original 320GB HDD in the DRX until the markets recover.
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1TB WD Caviar Green Amstrad DRX780

Postby criscoxxx » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:27 pm

Out of box WD10EADS into Amstrad DRX780 works brilliantly. Very quiet. Tried the 2TB WD would only format to 1TB

Can confirm also that only drives upto 1TB work in Thomson boxes but again only formatted to 500gb
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