DRX890 & WD20EVDS 2TB: OS/EPG Updated & Lost all Recordings!

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DRX890 & WD20EVDS 2TB: OS/EPG Updated & Lost all Recordings!

Postby Jerome32 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:21 am

My DRX890 (fitted with a WD20EVDS 2TB) received an update to the OS/EPG yesterday night. System details now reads:
- OS version SYSF26.28.05
- EPG Software Version

Unfortunately, all of my previous recordings (which were transferred from a DRX180 using Copy+ Beta) in the planner can no longer be played back. I can still see the titles of the recordings but now the planner says "failed" next to all of the titles. Needless to say, everything worked just fine prior to the latest system software upgrade!!

Here are a few other things I discovered on further experimentation with my DRX890/WD20EVDS and the latest OS/EPG:
1) Copy+ Beta is not able to read the contents of a hard drive which has been initialised using the DRX890 natively. In fact, it will not even show up as a valid XTV drive!
2) Using "Full System Reset" to initialise the 2TB drive will cause the WD20EVDS to format to 1TB only.
3) It is possible to get the Full 2TB by using Copy+ to initialise the drive.

Looking at the folders and files on the hard drive (using a PC), it would appear that with the latest software, the naming convention for recordings has changed. Presumably this is why the old recordings are no longer viewable (some of my recorded stuff is from 5 years ago!)
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