Destination drive not available

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Destination drive not available

Postby Stlyler » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:23 am

Hi all can you please offer help to a complete noob!

Loaded software - GREAT

Transferred files from original sky HD to PC hard drive - Great

Connected new 250GB hard drive to PC via external USB HDD enclosure - GREAT

Started to transfer files from PC to USB HDD- GREAT

Left machine running for a couple of hours and found that the transfer had "hung" about 50% through

Turned everything off

Tried to start again but the USB HDD was is no longer recognised.

Windows 7 is not great at disk management.
When I removed the HDD "volume" - the drive letter disappeared.

seems like catch 22 - no volume - no drive letter

I then set the external HDD up on a windows XP machine.
Deleted the partition, did not format the HDD and still had a Drive letter
Hoped that this had solved the problem but no luck. Still no destination disk found by Copy +

any Idea's

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