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Postby neildo » Wed Jul 05, 2006 9:03 am

Let me start by saying that the best method of connecting up your Sky+ HD to an XP based PC is to use an external USB2.0 IDE adaptor or a USB2.0 IDE caddy type arrangement. If you need to purchase something like this, then save yourself some money and shop at Maplin (if you can) rather than fill the pockets of PC World.

If you connect the HD up via a native IDE connection to your PC's motherboard then you run the risk of XP corrupting the drive on bootup. This is because Sky have used a weird format which XP interprets wrongly and therefore marks video file data as freespace. It then will proceed to write 'System Volume Information' and 'Recycle Bin' information on the disk.

So at this point you've made sure that the 2 software environment prerequisites have been installed:
1) .NET Framework 2.0 here.
2) Visual C 8 runtime here.

Connect up the HD using your chosen method and wait for it to be recognised in Windows. You will then see a "XTV.....DSK" labelled disk appear in "My Computer", good.

Run +Extract and it should pick the drive properly - easliy noted by the green 'tick' icon on the list of physical HDs tree (top left window).

Left click the green tick and click 'Analyse'. After a few seconds you should then be presented will a full list of recordings along with their respective details. If you don't get the date/time & synopsis, don't worry they're not needed - just there for information purposes only.

Select the files you'd like to extract by checking their respective checkbox.

Next, select the location you'd like to extract the files to, click 'Extract' and sit back and watch or go and do something else...

One thing to bear in mind is that +Extract doesn't check for diskspace running out while copying so make sure the destination has plenty of freespace beforehand.

At the end of the extraction you should have a bunch of .STR files awaiting your attention.

Now you need the services of the freeware Java app ProjectX. Please read the HowTo in this forum on how to use it.
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