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Copy+ is released

Postby Admin » Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:28 pm

Copy+ has left Beta - the only changes from the Beta are an update to the help file.

The full list of changes are...

Changes include...

* Support for Sky+HD EPG7 for Sky in the UK (Thanks to Ryan).
* Support for backlevel EPG from Sky in UK (Thanks to Sid).
* Support for a backlevel EPG from MySky in NZ (Thanks to Dan).
* Support for Sky+ Brazil (Thanks to Nikson).
* Add option to attempt to fix corrupt and cross-linked FAT chains.
* Fix bug in disk space calculation when multiple shows are in instant rewind buffer and box not shutdown before drive removal.
* Do not copy Windows recycle bin, system information folder or pagefile.sys to destination.
* Implement ROOT_DIR.CP0 backup and XFS0 sector.
* Ensure conversion dialogue displayed after restore from XTV image.
* Use manifest instead of registry to request Vista admin rights.
* Resolve error getting disk free space when file extensions hidden for XTV file type.
* Implement progress bar during lengthly operations such as disk and recording scans.
* Enable F1 to bring up help in application.
* Add tooltips, donate and support buttons.
* Updated help file.
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