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Copy+ Beta is released

Postby Admin » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:39 pm

Copy+ version Beta has been released!

Changes include...

* Internet version checking and automated update.
* Installer supports semi-silent mode for automated updates.
* Tip of the day.
* Add Amstrad HD box details to conversion screen (first little endian HD box).
* Recording length and size added to planner view.
* Add shortcut to Windows Disk Management on application menu.
* Support DB3 database formats.
* Preliminary support for MySky HD NZ (Thanks to Karl) and Foxtel IQ2 Australia (Thanks to Fred).
* Check free space required when destination is physical disk on recording selection change.
* Use Windows regional location to differentiate similar XTV systems (UK vs NZ).
* Display identified XTV system of source disk in title bar.
* Read and write disks via volume handle instead of device.
* Set GPT read only attribute on XTVFS volumes to prevent access from Windows.
* Correct negative time remaining estimate on copies of large drives.
* SetThreadExecutionState to prevent system entering sleep mode during long copies.
* Check USB speed on USB attached devices and warn about USB 1.1 speeds
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