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Full Copy+ Release History

Postby pcbbc » Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:12 pm

Release Beta - May 2010
  • Fix bug with disk free space calculation for little endian disks introducted in Beta.
  • Fix exception when first two recordings encountered in planner are part of rewind buffer.
  • Use file with latest timestamp if both V2 and V3 JOPA layouts are present. Ensures SD disks (V2 and V3 DB3 format) migrated to HD platform still list planner contents (Only V2 DBF format maintained).

Release Beta - February 2010
  • Emulate bug in Sky disk formatting for drives over 1TB (stops copied recordings being corrupted/overwritten and enables Copy+ to see recordings on DRX895).
  • Fix DB3 endian conversion on EPG 5.07.u (empty planner on conversion problem).
  • Set partition size to multiple of legacy drive geometry (attempt to prevent spurious changes to FAT32 total sector count - ESET NOD32 AV?).
  • Attempt to fix spurious "File System Write Error The parameter is incorrect (87)" errors if destination drive previously contained formatted partitions.

Release - February 2010
  • Resolve "error locking destination drive" issue on some systems.
  • Add support for UK EPG 5.07.u
  • Add option on system menu to select XTV Platform (UK, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Latin America, NZ, USA) to avoid auto detecting wrong system.
  • Increase default minimum size for XTV image files.
  • More efficient sector recovery when FAT has bad sectors.
  • Fix auto update download.

Release Beta - July 2009
  • Internet version checking and automated update.
  • Instlaller supports semi-silent mode for automated updates.
  • Tip of the day.
  • Add Amstrad HD box details to conversion screen (first little endian HD box).
  • Recording length and size added to planner view.
  • Add shortcut to Windows Disk Management on application menu.
  • Support DB3 database formats.
  • Preliminary support for MySky HD NZ (Thanks to Karl) and Foxtel IQ2 Australia (Thanks to Fred).
  • Check free space required when destination is physical disk on recording selection change.
  • Use Windows regional location to differentiate similar XTV systems (UK vs NZ).
  • Display identified XTV system of source disk in title bar.
  • Read and write disks via volume handle instead of device.
  • Set GPT read only attribute on XTVFS volumes to prevent access from Windows.
  • Correct negative time remaining estimate on copies of large drives.
  • SetThreadExecutionState to prevent system entering sleep mode during long copies.
  • Check USB speed on USB attached devices and warn about USB 1.1 speeds.

Release - January 2009
  • Support for Sky+HD EPG7 for Sky in the UK (Thanks to Ryan).
  • Support for backlevel EPG from Sky in UK (Thanks to Sid).
  • Support for a backlevel EPG from MySky in NZ (Thanks to Dan).
  • Support for Sky+ Brazil (Thanks to Nikson).
  • Add option to attempt to fix corrupt and cross-linked FAT chains.
  • Fix bug in disk space calculation when multiple shows are in instant rewind buffer and box not shutdown before drive removal.
  • Do not copy Windows recycle bin, system information folder or pagefile.sys to destination.
  • Implement ROOT_DIR.CP0 backup and XFS0 sector.
  • Ensure conversion dialogue displayed after restore from XTV image.
  • Use manifest instead of registry to request Vista admin rights.
  • Resolve error getting disk free space when file extensions hidden for XTV file type.
  • Implement progress bar during lengthly operations such as disk and recording scans.
  • Enable F1 to bring up help in application.
  • Add tooltips, donate and support buttons.
  • Updated help file with instructions for format conversion.

Release - February 2008
  • Support for MySky in Italy (Thanks to Giorgio).

Release - February 2008
  • Major new feature to convert endian order of files transferred between different makes and models of box! See compatibility chart. (Thanks to Peter B and John H for alpha testing).
  • Double buffer and multi-thread video stream copies - Significantly reduces copy time where drives are on different controllers.
  • Fix issue when disk size spin control is increased above 1,000.
  • Add "Type" column to identify Sky UK Anytime and DirecTV Showcase recordings in planner view.
  • Utilise deleted flag from planner data to improve handling of deleted recordings and pause buffers (Spurious RBFx and RBSx recordings).
  • Installer sets registry to ensure Vista always prompts for Administrator rights when running Copy+.
  • Fix "Out of Memory" error when a drive or drives do not have a "Friendly Name" available.
  • Remove default selection of 250GB partition size for Sky+ boxes. Now use full drive size by default.
  • Add icons and "Why is my drive not visible?" help to drop downs (if no drives detected of correct type).

Release - August 2007
  • Corrected fatal flaw in which meant all recordings on destination were unplayable.

Release - March 2007 - Beta
  • Support for DirecTV DVR in the US and SkyLA in Latin America (Thanks to Daniel and Fernando).
  • Display disk name for easier drive identification.
  • Improved bad sector error detection and correction.
  • Fixed FlexGrid column alignment.
  • Use ClearType compatible font.
  • Implemented auto drive list refresh on device attach or removal.

Release - January 2007 - Beta
  • Uses generic planner field layout table.
  • Support for Sky HD EPG 5.02.eHD (Thanks to Chris for HD box testing).

Release - November 2006
  • Multithreaded drive copy - Thanks Neil.
  • Ability to select/deselect recordings to be copied.
  • Save/Restore image of Sky drive to local disk.
  • Minimise/Maximise window and dynamic window resizing.
  • Added graphics to Start button, and change button to act as Cancel during copy.
  • Correct for missing default dialog buttons - Oops.
  • Handle zero byte files with no FAT start cluster.
  • Do not copy recordings missing from the planner (resulted in null pointer exception).
  • Do not list RBF0 recordings in planner or copy RBF0 directory, even if it exists (temporary record buffers).
  • Ignore apparently stray video files in root directory (known Sky+ issue).
  • Account for adjusted Total Sector Count in BPB structure.

Release - June 2006
  • Support for drives over 500GB and FAT over 64MB (buffer limit on Windows ReadFile and WriteFile).
  • Added single instance check.
  • Added time of recording to planner grid and implemented column sort feature.
  • Estimate time remaining to complete copy and display.
  • Added Sky HD compatibility details to help.

Release – April 2006
  • No changes to code.
  • Updated help file compatibility table.

Release – March 2006
  • Use correct directory cluster (0) for second level directories parent pointer.
  • Updated FAT and VFAT size calculations to allow correct detection of 120GB drive.

Release – March 2006 – First Public Release
  • Removed Beta warnings.
  • Handle "dump to planner from pause buffer" recordings.

Release – March 2006 – Beta test fixes
  • Fix for Endian auto detect bug on little Endian boxes (e.g. PVR2).
  • Fixed total sector count bug on retry following disk errors.

Release Beta – March 2006 – Second phase of Beta testing
  • Added Nullsoft installer – Visit the open source project at SourceForge.
  • More information on the file system format has now allowed for moving of files (the previous versions insisted all recordings stayed at the same LBA, and hence some recordings could/would have been lost on a drive re-size).
  • Because of the above extra information, removed restriction on which files can be copied during a re-size. Everything is now copied regardless.
  • Additionally, because moving video is now allowed, every copy now performs a full defragmentation of all the video data.
  • Copying is now on a recording by recording basis - Added progress bar and description of current recording being copied. This is in addition a total progress display.
  • Change background colour of recording as it is copied in the grid.
  • Added more logging to the Copy+.log file for diagnostic purposes.
  • On successful copy, the Copy+.log file is renamed with the current date and time appended. This is so it does not get overwritten.
  • Added check to ensure destination partition is large enough to contain source contents.
  • Added Retry/Ignore/Ignore All/Cancel dialogue on video cluster read/write errors to allow for CRC errors on drive. Ignoring video errors will result in a few skips in the resulting recordings.
  • Added Retry/Ignore/Cancel on file system read/write errors - Ignoring errors in the file system is not recommended however!
  • Handle Window Close request while copying cleanly with confirm dialogue.

Release Beta – February 2006 – Special version for one particular Beta tester
  • Removed error checking on copying video files - A Beta tester had CRC errors on his drive and as a result the copy process was aborting.

Release Beta – February 2006 – Initial version for Beta testing
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