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Copy+ Beta is available!

Postby Admin » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:12 pm

The latest Beta is now available from the download page.

Changes include...

* Support for Sky+HD EPG7 for Sky in the UK (Thanks to Ryan).
* Support for backlevel EPG from Sky in UK (Thanks to Sid).
* Support for a backlevel EPG from MySky in NZ (Thanks to Dan).
* Support for Sky+ Brazil (Thanks to Nikson).
* Add option to attempt to fix corrupt and cross-linked FAT chains.
* Fix bug in disk space calculation when multiple shows are in instant rewind buffer and box not shutdown before drive removal.
* Do not copy Windows recycle bin, system information folder or pagefile.sys to destination.
* Implement ROOT_DIR.CP0 backup and XFS0 sector.
* Ensure conversion dialogue displayed after restore from XTV image.
* Use manifest instead of registry to request Vista admin rights.
* Resolve error getting disk free space when file extensions hidden for XTV file type.
* Implement progress bar during lengthly operations such as disk and recording scans.
* Enable F1 to bring up help in application.
* Add tooltips, donate and support buttons.
* Updated help file with instructions for format conversion.

As usual, if you come across any problems please report them directly to use via the contact page, or by posting on the forum.

Many thanks.
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