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Copy+ is released

Postby Admin » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:35 am

Copy+ has been released and has been designed to partially address the overwriting issue highlighted above.

Please note that this version of Copy+ is NOT able to copy disks from boxes which have already been upgraded to Darwin. This requires major changes which we are also currently working on. Unfortunately we are unable to give any time scales for when this might be ready.

However, this release addresses an issues with regard to copying from pre-Darwin boxes to disks over 1TB (i.e. 1.5TB or 2.0TB) such that they are ready for Darwin.

Which Copy+ you can now safely:
a) Copy from a pre-Darwin system to the supplied 1.5TB disk for use in either a pre-Darwin or Darwin upgraded box. When the Sky Darwin software is eventually downloaded to your box your recordings will NOT suffer the overwriting issue previously experienced by Copy+ users who used the or releases to perform their upgrade.
b) Copy from a pre-Darwin system to a 2.0TB disk for use in a Darwin upgraded box. Please note that non-standard size disks over 1TB (i.e. 2.0TB) will NOT be compatible unless your destination box has already received the Darwin update. If you use the disk on a pre-Darwin system you will have the same overwriting issue as described above. This is because there is no way to make a non-standard disk over 1TB both forward and backward compatible with both Sky software releases. As a result we have chosen to make Copy+ forward compatible with Darwin ONLY for these non-standard disks.

Please note:
1. This issue only effects disks over 1TB. For all disks under 1TB there is no overwriting issue with this, or any previous releases of Copy+.
2. Disks over 1TB are only compatible with Amstrad Sky+HD boxes to the best of our knowledge.
3. Copying of source disks from boxes upgraded to the Darwin software is not possible at present. Please wait for a future release of Copy+ which will support this.

For more information on this issue, please read the forum thread.
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