+Extract cannot see HDD but Copy+ can

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+Extract cannot see HDD but Copy+ can

Postby shevek » Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:52 pm

I have put my Sky+ HDD into a caddy and connected to my PC

Copy+ can connect to it and I have successfully extracted an image.

However +Extract cannot see the drive and gets stuck in a loop of error message.

What is wrong?

Also, as the +Extract error is modal, I am unable to try and load the Copy+ xtv file.
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Re: +Extract cannot see HDD but Copy+ can

Postby astronaut » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:38 am

I'm having exactly the same problem with the disk from my now replaced Thomson HD box.
The disk is now in a USB caddy.
Running W7 64bit
Copy+ can see the disk and show its contents and I've created a selective image.xtv file of BBC programs
I've installed Extract+ 4.0.9 and it does not find the drive and then the modal box pops up
I remember reading that extract+ is checking to see if you have a compatible sky disk before you get the details of how to pay and register
I also remember that in theory Copy+ and Extract+ use exactly the same methods to access the disk.

Is there a way to register for extract+ without first getting it to see a drive ?

Other ideas I might try
- install the read only drivers
- use copy+ to put the image.xtv back onto an old disk and see if Extract+ can see that disk

Any helpful suggestions greatfully received
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Re: +Extract cannot see HDD but Copy+ can

Postby Wanstronian » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:40 pm

I'm having the exact same problem. Copy+ sees my sky drive, +Extract doesn't. For this reason, I think the claim that they use the same drive access method is bogus.

I also don't think that the mods are in attendance at this forum any more, given the huge numbers of spam posts that have been left to clutter up the board. So your only hope for support is fellow users, and I suspect most of them will, like me, be able to do nothing more than share your frustration!

It's a shame, I think +Extract has a large sales potential if only it worked. I for one would be happy to pay £15 for it, but not until I have confidence that I wouldn't be wasting my money. Ironically, the free tool - copy+ - is the one that works, and the paid-for tool is the one that doesn't. Doesn't make much sense as a business model!

On the off-chance that Neildo does pop back - if you're not going to support the app any more Neil, how about making it open source so someone else can pick it up and get it working?
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