Newbie Questions I expect

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Newbie Questions I expect

Postby MarkW » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:53 pm

Hi all, I hope you can help (sorry, and yes this is my first post!)
I have pulled the 160gb hard drive from my old Sky+ box after the box lost a fight with a glass of white wine and I was pointed in the direction of your website and excellent download site by a friend.
I wanted to pull a few programs off the hard drive, which I managed to do (as they hadn't been watched yet) with a view to dropping them on to DVD to watch while I wait for the new Sky+ Box to arrive

I connected the drive from the Sky+ box directly into my to PC and used the +Extract (Ver to pull the .str files from the drive - no problem :)

I then used the Convert STR to MPG tool to convert the files. I did 4 files in total, with .str file sizes between 1.64GB and 20MB - yet all I get after the files have been processed is an MPEG file of 564bytes that doesn't want to play on Windows Media Player

Any thoughts or suggestions please??

Many thanks :D
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Re: Newbie Questions I expect

Postby JOHNH » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:13 pm

I have the same problem, using extract Plus on windows 7. I'm pleased to have extracted (two) files from the hard drive, but the converter produced mpegs do not play in WMP.

They run for 20 secs or so with no visuals or sound and then I 'm asked if I want to play them again.

What is going wrong here?
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